Legislative reforms


For developing the public relations and providing a legal framework in line with the challenges of the time in the sphere of issuance of RA citizen's passport some reforms have taken /in the law of Republic of Armenia "On RA citizen's passport" and in the RA Government Decision No. 821 of 25 December, 1998"/,  in 2022․

It is important to mention:

Apportunity to issue a passport to persons temporarily unconscious due to health condition  or who have temporarily or permanently lost the ability to move and (or) cognitive ability, based on the application of close relatives (father, mother, husband, child, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather) and in case of inpatient treatment, based on the letter of the head of the medical institution.

As a result of the changes, passports of RA for male citizens up to 16 years, as well as 16 years old, are issued until their 19 years, and in case of reaching the age of 19 with a deferment period received from compulsory military service or with the period of medical re-examination defined by the law on ''Military service and the status of the serviceman''.

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